Dakota Kamber

Dakota Kamber i’m 1 years old. I have a passion for being in front of the camera, I am a very sociable baby although I can be shy at times, I love to be cheeky and show of my smile any chance I get. I love music and will have a little dance. I likeRead more ⟶

Ayaan Samaddar

I am a well built, cute 3 months new baby in this world. I am vibrant and playful in front of camera, have beautiful (inquisitive) eyes, lips and smile. I have a fraternal twin sister, who I love playing with.

Aarzu Samaddar

I am a cute and pretty 3 months new baby in this world, with rosy cheeks. I am vibrant, always playful, have beautiful (expressive) eyes, lips and infectious laughter. I love interacting and smiling, especially in front of camera. People envy my collection of lovely headbands. I have a fraternal twin brother, who I loveRead more ⟶

Billi Jean Cosgrove

I am one year old happy little baby who has the cutest smiley face that everybody loves

Phoebe Rose

Phoebe is happy baby who loves to smile. She’s 10 months old and is inquisitive and chatty.

Daanya Kwartemaa Fynn-Aikins

As a beautiful 11 months year old model. I aspire to be an astute model for a brand with presence around the world. I am a very bold and unique person that draws love and kindness. I love taking pictures and I am very photogenic. I also stand for elegance and uniqueness in this beautifulRead more ⟶

Akinola Ethan Jolayemi

Ethan is a little star with a big smile. Born with a warmest personality and captivating eyes and a head full of hair. Ethan embodies joy and innocence in every frame he graces. He captures the attention of industry professionals. This tiny fashionista loves to showcase a range of styles, always bringing his unique charmRead more ⟶