Arley Walker

I am 3 months old ready to step out into the modelling industry with my big eyes and smile.

Jeremiah Opoku

Bubbly and energetic 3 month old baby who loves the camera!

Florence Casey

I am 11 months old, I will be one in August. I am a happy baby who smiles a lot and have just started walking. I am very cheeky and everyone always tells me how adorable I am 🥰

Huda Minhas

Cheerfully well behaved confident in front of camera. Smily and photogenic.


Cheerfully.very well behaved infront camere..very confident..

Jasmine Nwosu

Jasmine is a 1 year old, very cheerful and love to express herself. She enjoys playing with learning flash card, playing with sensory book, watching peppa pig and blue’s clues. She enjoys getting dressed up,looking in the mirror at herself and looking and pictures and videos of herself.

Livia Madejska

My name is Livia Madejska🤍 I am 3 months old.My account is run by my mommy. Instagram: justyna_livia

Khaleesi willow Clarke

Khaleesi is the most precious creation I’ve ever seen she is constantly smiling her energy and vibe will never fail to keep you happy 😊 anyone who gets the chance to work with her will most certainly feel her beauty in every-way

Jemma Abbs

Outgoing and diverse personality with a drive and eagerness to pursue modelling career with considerations into also music/TV/movie and promotional roles. Always willing to try new styles and looks and able to adapt to new environments and take all criticism to improve.

Siena-Korea’s Agbaje Bahmukom

Siena-Korede is a serene, fun loving happy 5 month old baby girl. She is very photogenic and calm in front of the camera, her cheeky infectious smile will melt your heart.