Portfolio Tips

  • A portfolio is a page that has all your details on it including height, weight, measurements, dress size, shoe size, age, hair colour, eye colour and any noticeable body aspects like scars or tattoos
  • A decent head-shot that showcases your face and facial features is a must. It should be a photo from your shoulders and up and should be minimal in style. Natural or no makeup is required and you should be wearing simple clothing
  • Portfolio images should showcase your versatility as a model. Show a variety of poses and looks to display your range as a model! The best looks and poses you have should be shown in your portfolio and you should use both colour images and black and white. Showing versatility in the modelling industry will increase your chances of being booked for a wider selection of jobs
  • Commercial and Editorial models should consider a swimwear image. It allows clients and agencies to see your physique. If you are uncomfortable with a swimwear photo, a body shot can be used to display your body shape
  • Remember to update your portfolio regularly with new images that best reflect who you are as a model. If you’ve changed your hair colour or style, this should be reflected in your portfolio. No photos should be older than a year
  • Presentation is everything! Ensure your images are high quality. Begin your portfolio with two of your decided best shots and conclude your portfolio with another two of your best images. This will leave clients and agencies with a positive view of your portfolio
  • When building your portfolio, never forget that it is representing you in your chosen professional space – make it reflect accordingly! A high-quality portfolio with professional images of you will increase your chances of being taken seriously as a modelling candidate. Trust your instincts and know you’ve made the first step to achieving your modelling dreams!