Vicky Moldovan

Location: Liverpool

Gender: Female
Age Category: Adult
Height: 168 cm
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Auburn
Dress Size: 12

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I was born in Transylvania, which is well known for the legend of Dracula. As a child I`ve been always intrigued by the world around me. It makes me smile remembering the improvised catwalks which we use to do as kids where the most fun part was the preparation. That was the time to promote my skills in terms of creativity as hair style, make-up and choosing the outfits. I loved the colours and still do. My happy childhood leaded to an enthusiastic young adult, self – motivated, reliable and responsible. Due to my emphatic nature, I embraced the Nursing School hoping to change the world and bring in sunshine to my patient`s life. Building a career in Nursing fulfilled my dreams and offered me magical opportunities. Today, I am here in Liverpool, working as a Clinical Nurse Trainer, loving my job. I grew up in a charismatic individual who is not afraid of a new challenge. I would love to show the world that there is always joy, life, colours and space to play disregards the age.



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