Location: --United Kingdom--

Gender: Male
Age Category: Adult
Height: 168 cm
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: None (Bald)

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If you’re looking for an experienced model, actor, musician and music producer for your next casting, shoots, or production, then I’m the perfect candidate for the job. I’ve been working in the industry for over ten years now, and I offer a wealth of knowledge and experience.
I specialize in advertising and commercial work but have done a variety of different types of work, including movies, short films, and music videos. I’ve also had the opportunity to create and produce music in the studio. I believe that a successful production requires a combination of talent, creativity, and the right mindset, and I offer all these qualities to your team.

I’m a hard worker who can adjust to any kind of environment, and I have a very positive outlook towards working in the entertainment industry. I’m also willing to travel as needed, and I can create my own schedule in order to be available for your project. My commitment to perfection will ensure that everything you need is taken care of. In addition, I’m also able to provide advice and direction when needed and provide a hands-on approach to the project. This can help keep the project running smoothly and create results that everyone is proud of. I also understand that deadlines must be met and I’m dedicated to meeting them.

If you’re interested in working with me, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m excited to hear from you and take on whatever project you have in mind. I look forward to bringing my expertise and enthusiasm to your project and helping you create a masterpiece.



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