Olivia Hariett Hikton

Location: Greater Manchester

Gender: Female
Age Category: Child
Height: 137 cm
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Dress Size: 6


I am 12 years old and have been interested in modeling for quite a while. I love watching You Tube and playing computer games on my iPad. I also love animals, my favourites are cats, my Dad has 2, and my grandma has 3, I love to snuggle with them.

I like to help people, it’s nice to be kind to everyone, I think everyone is equal and do not like discrimination, I love to help homeless people whenever I’m out with my grandma, we usually buy them something to eat and a hot drink.

My favourite subjects at school are maths, art, all the science lessons, drama and I like to sing, I would also like to study to be a Marine Biologist, I understand that modeling is not always a full time job so I need to have another career as well.

I only really have one hobby and that is swimming, I’ve had lessons every Saturday morning for about 4 years now, I read sometimes as well, usually at school during free periods. I don’t like people who are mean to each other, I also don’t like spiders, wasps and bees



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