Location: --United Kingdom--

Gender: Female
Age Category: Adult
Height: 163 cm
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Dress Size: 10

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I am very vibrant, engaging and discreetly confident woman, with a (to some an annoying exuberant) love for life. I do have an interesting and some say young look for my age, slim (athletic) build, good teeth, forever changing short hairstyles (currently a mullet, blond at front), good skin, (too) broad shoulders and long legs with a shortish torso but a willing and versatile canvas

Modelling as a mature adult, will add variety to my life, allowing an array of creative experiences and opportunities, while indulging my love of meeting new and interesting people. I am (when not depressed about national and global problems) a very happy person and grateful for each and every day given, as (we all know) life is not guaranteed.
I’m interested in trying whatever a mature model can represent –
Extra Work, TV, Billboards, Social Media for any kind of show, event, campaign, brand or advertising…
I’ve been a reluctant but good primary school teacher (having an unwanted knack with children and little people somehow they like me a lot). I also enjoyed a huge part of my life working in the music industry in a variety of different roles and positions either employed or self employed, but now very much enjoy a select number of creative start-ups, as a creative mentor.
Having many loves and capabilities and my love to learn I incorporate them into making money, this is reflected in my need to not limit myself. So I’m a dog walker and carer, having become a certified dog behaviourist (and currently finishing a course on dog training, before I embark on dog holistic and therapy).
What is my current biggest desire? To get a comedy book /series published. The manifestation for this is strong, so it will be done
Let me not forget my inventive mind, where ideas for weird and wonderful things permeate my manic mind and are patiently waiting in little journals while I find the time to do, finance as well as the confidence to start the process (it takes a lot to do).
So putting all the above monetary dreams and get rich (not so) quick ideas aside, the more boring task of quick trading on stocks and shares is the risky way I bring in an income, to put towards the holidays, the much needed nice things and of course my doggy kids Gilbert Einstein and Delroy Shabba-Ranks.

If you need to know more I am willing to tell.



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