Kaiden lee

Location: Lancashire

Gender: Male
Age Category: Baby
Height: 54 cm
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Dress Size: N/A


Kaiden is very shy at first so you need to interact with him to gain trust, once he’s seen or shown that the person is ok he really comes out of his shell. He’s such a cheeky and mischievous little boy if he’s quiet he’s up to something he shouldn’t be! Kaiden is really into motorbikes he loves them! He has his own little electric bike and he’s on it from the minute he opens his eyes to the minute he goes to sleep. He also enjoys football and guns people describe him as a lads lad!! He has his sweet side which you only get to see when he wants you too other than that he will keep you on your toes. He has his caring and loving side he loves cuddles and kisses but only when he wants them if there is a baby there then that’s when he becomes so caring he will protect the baby and you won’t be aloud to touch him/her. Kaiden also enjoys play fighting or wrestling everyday he will be play fighting with a child wether they are bigger than him or not. All in Kaiden is just a comical little character he will always make you laugh and will always have that cheeky smile on his face.



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