Hayden Van Doren

Location: City of London

Gender: Male
Age Category: Adult
Height: 189 cm
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Dress Size: N/A

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My name is Hayden Van Doren,
Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, USA
I am a 22 year old versatile Freelance Entrepreneur with professional experience (including but not limited to) many sustainable industries; such as Sales, Marketing, Construction Management, And Human health sciences.

My main focus in life has been prioritising my physical, mental, and social health while chasing excellence in any profession I decide to pursue.
In my addolesence I dedicated all resources and time into being an extreme sport athlete. Skiing, Scuba diving, High Altitude climbing, Spear Fishing, and Mountain Biking are just some examples of extreme sports that I am qualified and experienced in.

Moving to London, England to focus on education and expanding my oportunities was a daunting choice that I can confidently say has opened so many doors and options in my life. As-well as shaping me to be the multicultural world traveller that I am today.
After 9 years in London of non stop determination and effort I have gained qualifications and experience in many previously mentioned industries that I continue to use in my current etrepreneurial ventures.

Modelling and Acting has always been an opportunity as i’ve been constantly advised that I have the looks, personality, and lifestyle to excel in this industry.

In my recent adventures Travelling the world I have had many clear conversations to invest into a Modelling and Acting career.
I am a passionate leader and I have recently led a group of less experienced climbers to summit Mt Teide, Tenerife 3,700m. As an experienced high altitude athlete I took on the responsibility to monitor the groups condition as we gradually gained altitude and met with the complications involved in such a challenge. Low oxygen levels, below freezing temperatures, relentless wind carrying volcanic ash, and lack of physical ability are just some factors that I had to account for while leading the group.
My life has been non stop sacrifice and risk taking in order to experience the true wonders that this world has to offer those who have the confidence to turn their dreams into reality.

Now is the time I direct this indefatigability into my newest passion modelling and acting.

I can genuinely say this is only just the start.




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