Gordie Micic

Location: --United Kingdom--

Gender: Female
Age Category: Adult
Height: 162 cm
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Blonde
Dress Size: 12

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Gordie Micic, aka Balkan Girl, is a comedian, dancer, producer, writer, actor, model, scientist, engineer, pilot, managing consultant, mother and… a very bad cook. Often referred to as the lovechild of Albert Einstein and Audrey Hepburn due to her physical likeness to both, his physics/science background, her love of dance and performing arts and… graceful demeanour too.

Gordie has background in producing and as a performing artist and speaker she is comfortable in a wide range of events and productions. First thing you will notice about Gordie is her positive energy that she brings to any project she undertakes. Her Balkan Girl show has been very well received in the UK and abroad in corporate and entertainment industries. Through dance and body movement, she tells a story of a young girl’s understanding of the world and meaning of life, reframing some of the past dramatic experiences and leading her audiences to a more positive outlook on life.

Gordie is one of top motivational /after dinner speakers and hosts professional and personal growth events where she leads powerful visualisations. Using fun engaging group activities and body movement she busts self-limiting beliefs of her audiences.

Interesting facts:
• Gordie is a comedian and one of the rare women in the industry who runs Comedy productions and shows (aiming to address some of inequalities in the entertainment industry aiming to diversify the content and give opportunity to grow for amazing creatives from different walks of life)
• Being IET and BT scholar enabled her to study in world’s top universities, UCL, and prestigious Grande Ecole in France and she has an MBA from Henley Business School
• Gordie worked as a scientist in European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva and has been credited with three patents innovating as an electronic engineer
• Gordie speaks five languages and has lived and worked in 7 different countries across 3 continents (Europe, US and Asia) in corporate and entertainment capacity
• Gordie was one of 100 top senior women in the City during her corporate career – she is often invited to perform speeches relating to diversity and inclusion be it, to encourage more women and girls into STEM subjects or working in the business world.

“Balkan Girl is a haughty, menacing dancing diva who hilariously transforms into the real Gordie via anecdotes, audience interaction and the Argentine tango.”
“A bravura performance full of warmth, narrative and laughs. Compelling, original and very funny.”
“Bringing a unique blend of performance skills with her dance & physical comedy, uplifting and fun storytelling – a complete educational blast!”
Useful links: https://linktr.ee/gordanamicic



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