Glorivi de Guzman

Location: London

Gender: Female
Age Category: Adult
Height: 163 cm
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Dress Size: 14

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Hi, my name is Glorivi, I preferred to be called by my nickname “Iveh” as how my family call me. My mother, used to have a beauty salon started mid 80’s. She never had her business boomed and flocked by a lot of customers only until she was carrying a little fetus me inside her womb in her entire pregnancy. People say I bring fortune to our parlor. I noticed and witnessed that myself, if I came across an empty food stall or convenience shop, when I actually purchase something from that zero store, it became flooded by not less than 5 people who will also buy at the same time.

I don’t look like my personality, I’m often misunderstood. I’m quite a chameleon, I really adapt well and even absorb the ambiance of the crowd. So I find myself clueless about who I really am. As though, I show multiple sides of me, doesn’t mean I’m deceitful, but because that’s how truly I am.

In my childhood, I used to like drawing and painting, crafts, anything basically that I can creatively use my hands. I play xylophone, piano/keyboard back in the days. I was also a volleyball player, I find myself sporty even up until now. If I only was able to hone my singing skills, I can say you can define me as a really good performer, as singing was also my passion. I get to show how I feel inside, I sing from the heart. That interests me in joining a choir club until my college freshman. Not to mention, I really, really love dancing. If you would ask me what is my real passion, is to dance. I bop and groove, letting my body flow. I remember my former classmate nominated me to portray a judge role, an actress on stage in our English week competition against other 2nd year blocks. Didn’t I say I’m fond of cycling and feeling the outside nature, and being under the sun, smelling the fresh air. Those years were tough in terms our the Nursing course I took, I got to unlearn some skills which are sad. However, I believe if you don’t practice every time, your capabilities diminish. But you can’t deny the talents are there, we just need a little friction with what’s inside us.

Being a model was out of the blue that came to my mind. There’s always eagerness and boldness in me that I really admire that strength within. I cannot say I’m a fashionista. I just have this keen eye on how to mix and match things harmoniously and enticingly pleasing to the eyes. And the way the dress or clothing should be carried is with much self-confidence.

I want to see myself be truer with the real GLORIVI. All I know is I have great areas and potential which I always hide or don’t know how to use, or the wrong people, or places to showcase it. I just need the right community, an instructor that will push me to express everything that I’ve got into fashion. As I have said, I’m a multi-dimensional person there are so many layers in me. To the point, I’m going to need an outlet in a way where I can deliver passion thru music and arts. I’ve got the power, the oomph!

Let’s work together and ignite more people’s drive!



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