Edward Ssegirinya

Location: London

Gender: Male
Age Category: Adult
Height: 183 cm
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Dress Size: N/A

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My name is Edward Ssegirinya and I’m from Uganda. Modeling has always been a dream for me and when I first put my foot into this industry last year is when I realized that it’d just then beginning. Modeling has always inspired my dress sense and continues to do that as I grow and get out of my comfort zone even more every day. This dream was injected with more desire to succeed when I started to know football and play it from a very young age when I idolized footballers like David Beckham who some say was the first to mix fashion and football, this inspired me even more as I played football as well.

I love football and sports in general, in fact, I think I have tried a lot or almost all outdoor and indoor sports most of them I’m good at them like football, athletics, badminton, netball, dodgeball, cricket, rounders, etc and fitness/working out. This was implemented into my lifestyle permanently by football and when I stopped it became part of me because of how I feel after working out and how it lifts up my mood. Besides the sportiness and inspiration to succeed, I have always wanted to work hard and enjoy it to be full-time and let modeling be part of my life.



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