Edgard Alexander Uribe

Location: Hertfordshire

Gender: Male
Age Category: Adult
Height: 174 cm
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Blonde

Website: Click To View


Hello world.

I am bilingual in spanish and english, as i have spent half my life in each country.

I studied computer science in Royal Holloway University of London back in 99. I am confident I know technology.

One could say I am a bit of a jack of all trades, since I have been: a chef, an engineer (building elevators by my lonely self), a prison officer, a stay at home dad (for my little baby boy who is not so litle anymore), even as an extra in the 2004 french movie “Les Daltons”.

I have stepped onto all continents, except for Australia. I like Music, Art and international cinema, love science… took pictures of the adromeda galaxy and the moons of Jupiter this summer. I also have done martial arts as I grew up aswell as basketball and rugby.

I tend to be very cheerfull and sociable, I like helping others. I am independant and resourceful.

A bit of an oversimplification of myself, but there it is.

At your service.



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