Location: London

Gender: Female
Age Category: Adult
Height: 175 cm
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Dress Size: 12

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Hi everyone,
I’m confident, determined, realistic, reliable, funny and bubbly.
To be honest I’m not much a party person I prefer to watch something or read some book (my favourite author is Arthur Hailey and Dick Francis) love them stories, that sometimes I cry over them. I love Kinder Bueno (nutella is amazing) and Lindt Lindor chocolate (milk one is my favourite its orgasmic).
I don’t drink and don’t smoke and don’t do any drugs except coffee. I don’t have any children, but I have 2 lovely nephews.
I like to be around people. At the moment I work as a restaurant assistant at AXA XL.
I practice MMA and I love martial arts. I used to teach a self defence until my injury when I ripped of ligaments on my ancle.

I love FREDDIE MERCURY and Queen and my favourite song is Somebody To Love, there is a part in that song when Freddie says TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR and CRY that’s what I say in the morning when I look at myself in the mirror lol. There is not a day I wouldn’t listen to them.
I like a rock and metal music, but lam enjoying musicals as well.
My favourite colour is pink. I don’t follow any celebrity clothing style, but I like elegant simple clothing. If I would ever get married I would like to design my wedding dress. I speak Czech, English and some Spanish. I think, that I could write a book, because I have so many stories from my life. If I have ever write one title would be “Story of My Life”.
I have a degree as a pastry chef and I studied music as well.
My favourite outfit are trainers and jeans. I love travelling and exploring I would say, that I’m curios person (curiosity killed a cat) haha.

I hope, that You have enough information about me.

Kind regards,



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