Prudvithreddy Vadyala

I’m a passionate newcomer to the world of modeling. While I may be new to the industry, I am committed to learning, growing, and refining my craft with each opportunity. With a keen eye for style and a natural flair in front of the camera. Outside of modeling, you can find me exploring new trends,Read more ⟶

Ayaan Samaddar

I am a well built, cute 3 months new baby in this world. I am vibrant and playful in front of camera, have beautiful (inquisitive) eyes, lips and smile. I have a fraternal twin sister, who I love playing with.

Jay Makwana

An enthusiastic and cheerful young blood looking forward to get into the modelling industry. I have developed that attitude and confidence which is needed for the industry. I am interested in applying for various casting roles such as modelling, filming, acting, theatre and dancing.

Vishal koutkar

A guy with disciplined mind . Committed to every single task. Started the journey as an athlete. Now following his dreams to become one of the best!


I am Tobechukwu Mojekwu, a fashion model with passion for acting and I love being in front of the camera. I mainly enjoy shooting for sport fashion but I also enjoy other creative projects. Growing up I found myself around artists, dancers and actors so I have always seen art (modeling) as a way ofRead more ⟶

Flavius Andrei Ivan

My name is Flavius Andrei Ivan I was born in Romania 25.06.2003, raised by a single mother, taught how to survive on my own, I learned how to be a man on my own. Struggling and suffering while I was a child made the man today. I’m willing to work hard, always look forward toRead more ⟶