How much do Models get paid?

How much do Models get paid?

A. This can vary from job to job.

Approximate rates :

Adult £350 full day
Adult £300 half day
Adult £75 / £100 per hour
Child £200 full day
Child £100 half day
Child £40 / £50 per hour
If a model is booked for a TV commercial then this can then become a substantial amount of money.

How long does it take to get paid?
A. Usually within 4 / 6 weeks. All agencies must guarantee to pay the model within 5 working days of receiving the payment.
Do I pay tax?
A. Yes as adults you are classed as self employed and you would be responsible for paying any taxes. Children do not pay tax.

Are expenses paid?
A. 90% of the time yes. This should be confirmed prior to you accepting any jobs.