Maria Angelova

Location: City of London

Gender: Female
Age Category: Teen
Height: 68 cm
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Dress Size: 8


Hello my name is Maria I’m a teenager growing up in Bulgaria city Haskovo I’ve grown up in a small city. And in 2016 we decided to move to England After that I have studied at Broomfield school. And now I’m waiting for college my hobbies are going out with a friend take pictures. But because my GCSES came I have to study hard. So I couldn’t go out very often. Most of the time is with my family and siblings at home. And we are very happy when the summer came and going back to our country there is my grandma which I love her too much and I miss her a lot but I have to finish my school here to be an educated person in my country I can’t build up my dreams which here I can. My big dream is to work as an air traffic controller.



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