Jennifer Phiri-Ray

Location: West Midlands

Gender: Female
Age Category: Adult
Height: 163 cm
Eye Colour: Other
Hair Colour: Blonde
Dress Size: 8


Hi everyone,
My name is Jennifer, like to be called Jen.I work for the NHS in the Emergency as a registered nurse.I have a son, 14 years old whose my whole wide world.I love him dearly.I graduated in 2019 at BCU.I love being a mom and l love my job.It’s my dream job , never thought l would one day be a nurse ,It was a dream but that dream came true.
I like to encourage people especially those who are deprived of wealth and a basic living because that’s were l began.Growing up was not easy, my family was very poor, lost my parent when l was young and life was was unbearable.I didn’t let my struggles get on the way.I want to be a better person , l chose a path that would benefit me for my whole life, l chose to study and l made it.My job has made me a better person, l see things from a different perspective.I understand people , l don’t judge.I chose to be happy, l chose to forgive and l make every second of my life count.I am happy with me, what l have archived and what l will archive
I am empathetic, accountable, l am committed to what l do.I like helping others and l always wish others the best.I have come into modelling so my voice of encouragement can be heard..To women out there, who think that’s it, l call on you not to give up.You are better and stronger than you think, don’t give up on yourselves and it’s never too late to start over again.



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