Chideraa Okolie

Location: Greater London

Gender: Male
Age Category: Adult
Height: 179 cm
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: None (Bald)
Dress Size: N/A

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Born in the heart of the jungle and raised in the tenderness of South London. New and exciting fashion model ready to take the UK head on!

Archibald is currently seeking a direction for his legacy and feels modelling can take this journey to new heights – Archibald feels he can acclimatise to new thresholds and hopefully set a benchmark for modelling.

With a unique look and sound mind Archibald is able to follow instructions and directions whilst staying in a professional frame.

With 110% energy and enthusiasm given to every detail when set a task, Archibald can fully say he takes pride in any opportunity given and will always represent the brand in question with panache and flair.

Archibald ChiDeraa Okolie



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