Location: Northamptonshire

Gender: Female
Age Category: Adult
Height: 156 cm
Eye Colour: Other
Hair Colour: None (Bald)
Dress Size: 8

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* Hello me 20 years
* I come from a beautiful country in Lithuania
* I am 1.56-1.57 somewhere tall
* Weighs 47-48 kg
* I speak Russian, Lithuanian and a few English languages
* I live in Northamton, and I also work there as a packer.
** From a young age I had an artistic soul, I tried to write songs, create poems, sing, but with years those inspirations faded, I really like to take photos, in 4 years I have already accumulated about 2,000 photos of my life on google, I prefer not to be a model , and in order to stand firm and start lurking in myself, that everything that happens at least once is a chance to take the stairs of your life
** When I first went to the photo model studio I was afraid, I still heard a lot of things happening, but somehow I went bolder and the team turned out to be nothing, it was a lot of inspiration and probability that 🙂 for my is biggest experience of my life thanks you !!!I really happy



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